Sharing about Panama with a new friend!

As you know that my site talks about Panama food, travel, and everything that is fun, I met a new friend today while I’m traveling in Asia this month. He came from Singapore and he is a owner of a industrial company dealing with air compressors. HIs website is

His name is Ryan, and I met him while I need someone to exchange some thai baht with me while I’m in Bangkok. I run out of the local currency after too much buying, so I need some more cash for the rest of the day! So while i’m struggling to find a nearby money exchange, I saw someone with some cash in hand in a super mart. Without hesitating, i just asked if he would like to change some money with me. I have US dollars.

I though he would just gave me a reply like … “No thanks”. But hey, he is friendly, and even willing to exchange with me at a good rate, and without any extra charges! I’m really impressed with Asians! So because of that, we continue our chat, and I also realised that he is travelling alone like me. Hence, we decided to have a short meal together.

Here are some Thai street food that we tried.

thai pad tai

thai salad

thai street

If you are new to Thailand, then don’t worry. At some point, I don’t know what I’m eating too, but I just want to try, because that’s what I do back home too… EAT EAT & EAT! Ryan is from Singapore, so he is more used to Thai food. So we try different food. Do you recognize any food there?

If you are going to Thailand, there check out this whole list of Thai food to try!

We also shared what we do. I have no idea what an air compressor does exactly, but I knew my relatives who does car parts and car repair use air compressors. Ryan also shared with me different types of compressors, like integrated air compressor, and mini air compressor. If you have any friends who are in manufacturing or car repair, then go ahead and contact Ryan! He’s a nice guy, really!

I also shared what I did! I share about my website (what you are at now), Panama Restaurants Review, plus my love for food and travel. I told him a lot of things about Panama, and wanted to invite him over one day, and probably bring him around for a food tour!

So if he come over… what food do you think I should share with him first? And one more thing. We had so much to talk until we forgot to take a photograph together! So much for being a friendly friend like me. But luckily, I have his contact!

What about you fellow people! Have you met new friends lately?


John Lashie

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